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Hadrian's Wall Campsite, Melkridge Tilery, nr Haltwhistle, Northumberland
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Hadrian's Wall Campsite, Melkridge Tilery, nr Haltwhistle, NorthumberlandThe 73 miles of Emperor Hadrian's monumental, Pict-proof stone wall is Northumberland's most famous landmark. Though its military barracks are long gone, the ruins of this historic structure remain impressively atmospheric. It's easy to imagine how the soldiers must have felt, keeping watch at the very outpost of the civilised world. The wall is now a World Heritage Site, but you can still camp just a mile or so from one of the most dramatic sections at Hadrian's Wall Campsite.

The site is terraced on four levels, with top level 'Everest' commanding impressive views and the perfect sunset vantage point. In the summer months, an extra 'wild camping' field is opened up, with oodles of space for large families. Weary backpackers can also rejoice: there's a strip dedicated entirely to your aching bones - no need to book, just stagger up on the day. The campsite is well located for walks along Hadrian's Will Path, an 84-mile National Trail shadowing the line of the wall.The site-owners will even arrange transport to or from your start/finish points, leaving you free to enjoy your linear walk and the wall.Just keep an eye out for those Picts.

COOL FACTOR A mere mile away from Hadrian's Wall.

WHO'S IN? Tents, campervans, caravans, dogs, groups - yes.

ON SITE Terraced pitches; 7 hot showers, toilets, laundry, and hook-ups. Disabled access and facilities. Basic groceries sold. Bunk barn sleeping 10. No campfires or disposable BBQs.

OFF SITE The Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum (01434 344363) is just down the road.

Hadrian's Wall Campsite, Melkridge Tilery, nr Haltwhistle, Northumberland

FOOD AND DRINK Herding Hill Farm (01434 320668) in Haltwhistle has a farm shop and cafe selling its own-produced goodies.The Milecastle Inn (01434 321372), a mile to the west, has wooden beams covered in nick-nacks, an open fire, and a resident ghost.

GETTING THERE Just east of Haltwhistle, from the B6318 (Military Road), take the turning to Melkridge. The site is just 300 metres on the left. From the A69,1 mite east of Haltwhistle, there's a staggered crossroads at Melkridge village. Take the turning opposite the village and continue for 2 miles.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT Ask nicely and the owners might collect you from Haltwhistle station or a nearby bus stop.

OPEN All year.

THE DAMAGE Backpacker £8; tent and car £8; caravan/ trailer tent £12.50, plus £2 per person, per night. Bunk barn £15 per person, per night.

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