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Fish and Chips

Edward VII (1901 - 1910)

Cillside Farm, Glenridding, Penrith, Cumbria

Syke Farm, Buttermere, Cumbria

Later house of Stewart (1460-1542)

Edward IV (1461-70) and (1471-83)

Raising the stones

The Cursus Barrows, Winterbourne Stoke, New King Barrows

Brakes Coppice Park, Forewood Lane, Crowhurst, Battle, East Sussex

The Armada

Houses of Bruce and Stewart (1306 - 1460)


Learning by Doing

Grange Farm, Brighstone Bay, Isle of Wight

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Stone handaxe
THIS small handaxe is one of the most beautiful in the British Museum. It is made from quartz with attractive amethyst banding, a difficult material from which to make tools because it is extremely hard. The toolmaker would have had to hit with considerable force and accuracy to remove flakes. Such a high degree of difficulty makes the thin, symmetrical shape of this piece a masterpiece of the toolmakers’ art.
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Meeting and Greeting
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When greeting a British person it is wise to keep your distance. Don't be over-familiar, don't assume intimacies you are not prepared to pay for. Some nationalities greet one another by kissing twice or even three times and embracing noisily. Avoid this in Britain: it may be mistaken for amorous advances or for attempted robbery.

The way to greet a Briton for the first time is to offer them your hand - the ends of three fingers is quite sufficient. There should be no more than three shakes up and down. Don't hang on or start squeezing the person's upper arm and patting them on the back - this is not British. The good thing here is that you need never shake hands with that person again or indeed touch any part of them until the time comes for them to leave (providing that they are leaving forever). In that case you may shake the hand again, this time adding a few extra ups and downs to express the deep bond of friendship you have formed.

Kissing is not normally permitted except in the case of elderly ladies. These will incline their heads slightly to signal that such a greeting is expected; you should respond by leaning towards their left side and kissing the air an inch or so above the cheek. Do not actually TOUCH the cheek with your lips.

Meeting and Greeting

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