Heavenly Hosts

Rydal Hall, Rydal, Ambleside, Cumbria

House of Windsor

George V (1910 - 1936)

Sunny Lyn Holiday Park, Lynbridge, Lynton, Devon

Edward VIII and George VI (1936 - 1952)

Secret Garden, Bosavern House, St Just, Penzance, Cornwall

Kitts Cottage Camp, Freshfield Place Farm, Sloop Lane, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex

Stonehenge for all

Wars of the Roses

Sense of Humour

Meeting and Greeting

Wild boar and domestication (part one)

Bouncers Farm, Wickham Hall Lane.Wickham Bishops, Essex

House of Canmore (1158 - 1153)

News from our friends
Stone handaxe
THIS small handaxe is one of the most beautiful in the British Museum. It is made from quartz with attractive amethyst banding, a difficult material from which to make tools because it is extremely hard. The toolmaker would have had to hit with considerable force and accuracy to remove flakes. Such a high degree of difficulty makes the thin, symmetrical shape of this piece a masterpiece of the toolmakers’ art.
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Asking the Way
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The visitor who is not a native speaker of English may experience difficulty in understanding connected and extended speech especially if spoken in the street with an unfamiliar local accent. Do not burst into tears or start waving your arms and saying "Stop! Stop! I don't understand. Please speak clearly in standard English, without swallowing your words." Such a reaction may damage international relations. In order not to appear rude (or silly) you should listen attentively to the native speaker with the lively appearance of understanding everything that is being said. The British are mostly very helpful people and they enjoying giving directions to strangers. Because of the complexities of our town planning these directions are not always correct. But as you are unlikely to understand anyway, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that you have made contact with a member of the British public!

Asking the Way

Expressions to learn
I see. Right. Got it. OK.

Avoid saying
Come on, admit it - you don't know where it is!

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