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Stone handaxe
THIS small handaxe is one of the most beautiful in the British Museum. It is made from quartz with attractive amethyst banding, a difficult material from which to make tools because it is extremely hard. The toolmaker would have had to hit with considerable force and accuracy to remove flakes. Such a high degree of difficulty makes the thin, symmetrical shape of this piece a masterpiece of the toolmakers’ art.
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Bryher Campsite, Bryher, Scilly Isles, Cornwall
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Bryher Campsite, Bryher, Scilly Isles, CornwallThe tiny Scilly Isle of Bryher has two distinct faces. To the south and east are calm blue waters filling the narrow, sheltered channel separating the island from its big sister, Tresco; while its north-western shores are a jagged jumble of weather-torn rocks, beaten and broken by the relentless Atlantic waves.

Such polar-opposite characteristics are what make this island such a special place to camp; a different landscape to suit your every mood. Look one way and you'll get sandy-beach bays ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkelling (although the water can be nippy). Look the other way and you'll see prehistoric burial cairns and a heather-covered panorama that will dumbfound you.

A short climb uphill from the boat jetty, Bryher's campsite has impressive open views of the harbour, Hangman Island, and Tresco, yet occupies a sheltered spot between two high hills. Not a site for the fainthearted, it's about simple, back-to-basics camping, complementing its natural environs.
To really see the best of this island, visit in the heat of summer and enjoy your own Crusoe-like isolated island idyll.

Bryher Campsite, Bryher, Scilly Isles, Cornwall

COOL FACTOR A peaceful, natural paradise.

WHO'S IN ? Tents,groups-yes. All else - no.

ON SITE Eighty pitches; clean toilets, basins, and coin-operated showers (50p). Hairdryer (20p), shaving point along with washing machine (£3 per load) and dryer (50p for 20 minutes). Freezer for ice packs. Mobile phone charging point; gas for sale. Tractor service for luggage from the quay (must be booked in advance). BBQs off the ground. No campfires.

OFF SITE See local artists' work at the Golden Eagle Studio (01720 422671); or take a boat to the larger Scilly Isles.

FOOD AND DRINK Head to Highertown on St Martin's to sample some authentic Cornish pasties filled with locally raised beef and own-grown potatoes at St Martin's Bakery (01720 423444); or try the popular Bistro at St Martin's Hotel (01720 422090; www.stmartinshotel.co.uk).

Bryher Campsite, Bryher, Scilly Isles, Cornwall

GETTING THERE Contact Isles of Scilly Travel (08457 105555; www.ios-travel.co.uk) for plane and boat travel or British International (01736 363871) for helicopter services.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT Catch a train to Penzance and from there either a skybus, boat, or ferry to Bryher. OPEN March-October.

THE DAMAGE £9.50 per person, per night; under-3s free. A non-refundable/transferable deposit is required on booking.

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